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Application Migration

Application Migration

Application Migration

Why application migration services?

Your business begin years ago and in time you developed a lot of software solutions to meet your business needs. But technology and hardware evolved and this legacy applications don’t work at all on modern hardware and operating systems and you need a new software that has the same functionalities and new ones to align with the new market trends.

Suppose you have a barcode application that work on legacy barcode readers and you buy new barcode readers and want to get old application work on new hardware.

Suppose you have applications developed in Cobol, RPG, Clipper, FoxPro, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, etc. and want a modern user interface, maybe web application?

You need us to migrate your legacy applications to modern technologies.

Why us?

Because we started software development many years ago, when Cobol and RPG was languages used to write applications and java wasn’t born yet…

In time we developed software in all technologies that appeared.

We have a deep understanding of programming languages and frameworks.

We also have vast business experience in many areas.

Do you have a business puzzle?