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Professional Database Services

Professional Database Services

Professional Database Services

Why databases?

Each company has a lot of data that need to be stored and transformed in knowledge to be useful. 

Data is raw. It simply exists and has no significance beyond its existence (in and by itself). It can exist in any form, usable or not. It does not have meaning of itself. For example pieces of a puzzle represents data.

Information is data that has been given meaning by way of relational connection. This “meaning” can be useful, but does not have to be. For example a piece of a puzzle that has one corner can be one of the four corner of a 2D puzzle…but we don’t know exactly what corner.

Knowledge is the appropriate collection of information, such that its intent is to be useful. Knowledge is a deterministic process. To determine what piece is left upper corner we look at the color for example and if we have a puzzle with a landscape, we know that upper we can have blue and bottom we can have green and we can deduce the position of the pieces and solve the puzzle.

Understanding is an interpolative and probabilistic process. It is cognitive and analytical. It is the process by which we can take knowledge and synthesize new knowledge from the previously held knowledge. The difference between understanding and knowledge is the difference between “learning” and “memorizing”. People who have understanding can undertake useful actions because they can synthesize new knowledge, or in some cases, at least new information, from what is previously known (and understood). That is, understanding can build upon currently held information, knowledge and understanding itself. In computer parlance, AI systems possess understanding in the sense that they are able to synthesize new knowledge from previously stored information and knowledge.

Data is stored in databases to be used in decission making processes.

What database services we offer?

We can help you store data in right database and transform data into relevant knowledge that can be used to understand and make key business decisions.

Database Technology Selection

Which of the many database technologies and vendors is right for your business? We'll help you find out.

Database Design

The only thing more important than selecting the right database technology is selecting the right database design. Let us help you design and implement your data model.

Database Administration

Your databases must be baked up, at regular intervals of time, secured and be up and running full time. Our team of experienced DBA can help you keep databases up and running securely.​

Database Performance and Tuning

Testing and tuning is equal parts art and science. Let our team of interdisciplinary consultants help solve your troubles.

Database Development

Software comes in many forms, including SQL, stored procedures, and other database technologies. Our team of experienced database developers can help meet your data needs.

Data migration

You have a legacy database or disparate data and want to unify them and migrate to a new, modern database? Or want to migrate from one ERP to another and keep the data? Our team can do that for you.

Do you have a business puzzle?